Changing the face of Polyolefins. Forever.

We are about to revolutionise the polyolefin industry. With radical new solutions to long-standing compatibility problems, we are opening up a new world of opportunities in polymer blending, joining and finishing. Whichever polyolefin market you are in, we have a compatibility solution for you.

Polarfins®. A whole batch of benefits.

Our unique Polarfin® additives transform polyolefin performance and cost competitiveness in any market application where interfacial compatibility or surface properties are important.

  • Adhesion

    Our Polarfin® additives help eliminate the major limitation associated with polyolefins: poor surface compatibility.
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  • Surface Properties

    Polarfins® alter the hydrophobic character of polyolefin surfaces, providing better and more durable anti-fogging performance and surface water control.
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A major technical breakthrough

For decades, polymer scientists around the world have searched for ways to improve the compatibility of polyolefins with other materials. Many avenues have been explored but none led to the ideal solution. 

That was until a team at the University of Warwick’s Chemistry Department made a breakthrough.

Professor Peter Scott and his PhD student, Christopher Kay, invented a new class of polymer additives that have the potential to revolutionise the polyolefin industry.

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Our vision

Our vision is to revolutionise the polyolefin industry by opening up a new world of high value opportunities in polymer blending, joining and finishing. Read more